At Onside Analysis, we recognise that as in football, the key to our performance is our team. And just like in football, we understand that our continued success depends on not standing still. As such, we are always in the market for new signings, to bring new skills and talents to complement our current team.

Maybe you are a tactical genius, who can instantly recognise true talent. Maybe you live and breathe football. Maybe you are fascinated by objectively exploring data and debunking the common football myths. Maybe you have a talent for developing applications to create a great user experience. Maybe you’re an expert at statistical modelling, capturing the uncertainty that is is ubiquitous in the beautiful game. If one or more of these sounds like you, then you might just be the perfect fit for our team.

Interested in joining?

We are not currently recruiting for any roles, but are also always happy to consider more general applications. If you think you have a skill that will make our team stronger, please get in touch. Send us your CV to careers[@], with a covering letter explaining to us clearly why we should sign you up.

Finally, as we’re not recruiting football players, we’d like to hear from you directly, and not negotiate with your agent. We respectfully note that we will simply not reply to unsolicited applications or enquiries from recruitment agencies.

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